Thursday, April 17, 2014

Immerse Qatar Rp 6.2 Trillion in Switzerland for Hotel Resort

Explosion hospitality business in Switzerland seem unbearable . Following the expansion of Qatar through the action of Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG . Wing of the hotel business owned by the Qatari government funds immerse 485 million francs , equivalent to Rp 6.2 trillion .

Development of the resort hotel located in the famous resort area , Buergerstock , above the lake Lucerne , central Switzerland . Construction of the first phase is Waldhotel , includes 160 rooms and several suites . Katara schedule this operation in 2017 .

Overall, there are three resorts in Buergerstock the number of rooms and suites of 400 units in 30 separate buildings . The accommodation facilities are equipped with twelve restaurants and bars .

Some parts of the project have been realized , such as tennis courts , tavern " 1879 " , energy center , new access and restaurant " Hammetschwand " . This mountain restaurant is legendary for being on top of a stone wall with a height of 152 meters . To achieve that goal using a space elevator space which is the highest in Europe .

In addition to the Buergerstock , Qatar is also developing other luxury resort in the Schweizerhof , Bern , and the Royal Savoy in Lausanne as well as several other luxury hotels across Europe .
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The presence of Qatari -owned luxury resort hotel is the long list of Switzerland as a warehouse while emphasizing luxury hotels worldwide . Previously been present new hotel projects ie Andermatt Swiss Alps , and ultra-luxurious hotel The Alpina Gstaad.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rumors of the Month Samsung Releases Galaxy K in Singapore

Earlier this week, Samsung issue invitations to an event in Singapore, dated 29 April 2014. Event titled Kapture The Moment crowded allegedly as introductions Galaxy S5 version of "Zoom" which focuses on the ability of the camera.

As quoted from Phone Arena, the Galaxy S5 previous Zoom is rumored to be carrying the official name "Galaxy K", and separated into a new product line of smartphones. The letter "K" here intersect with the headline event in the invitation Samsung.

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy K mentioned would carry a number of new features with respect to the main camera unit of the smart phone.
Specifications are allegedly including 20 megapixel sensor, a 10x zoom lens (equivalent to 24-240 mm in 35 mm format), optical image stabilizer, Xenon flash, with screen resolution of 1,280 x 720, 2 GB RAM, LTE 4G connectivity, 6-core processor Exynos 5 , and the Android operating system Kitkat.
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A leaked image that circulated in early April showed that Galaxy K will be shaped more concise than the Galaxy S4 Zoom, with the base of the handgrip and the lens that looks average, more integrated with the phone body.
There is also mention that the leaked benchmarks Galaxy K has higher performance than the Galaxy S4 and HTC's first generation.

It remains unclear why Samsung Galaxy K wanted to separate from the family of Galaxy S5, even if it's really like. Other information such as prices and availability are expected to be announced at the event on 29 April.


Killed Allegedly Strangled sisters, maid snared Ropes

The process of the third autopsy on the bodies , the two sisters Revan Copyright Pamungkas ( 10 ) and Rizal Raziv Fingerprint ( 22 ) and her maid , Yati ( 44 ) , previously reported by the name of Etty , is still performed in the hospital medical team . Bhayangkara Sartika Asih , London this afternoon , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

" The process of autopsies on the three bodies are still being done , " said Head of West Java Police spokesman Comr Martinus Sitompul , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Based on the results of the examination while , he continued , Revan and Raziv brothers allegedly died from strangulation . Because the barriers are found in the airway . Meanwhile , Yati neck allegedly snared by using wire or rope bondage because the former is found in the neck.

" From the results of the examination while , the death of the victim due to obstructed airway . Was able to strangulation or entrapment . Which brothers allegedly strangled . When the woman ( her maid ) allegedly snared by using the tools allegedly used a rope , " said Martin .

In addition to the alleged strangulation and entrapment former , according to the autopsy report , Martin said there are a number of wounds found on the victim 's body . In Raziv body found bruises on the left eye and right temple , wound in the right and left elbow , and bruises on the neck .

" For full results , we deliver after the autopsy is completed , " he added later .

Previously reported , three bodies were found in a single day , yesterday . The first corpse was found in Cidaun , Cianjur at 09.00 pm . It is Revan found the bodies still dressed in school uniform . The bodies of the two were found in female Kertajadi , Cianjur , around 12:00 pm . Meanwhile, the bodies of the three were known as Raziv found in Cidahon , Garut regency , at around 16:00 pm .

Police suspect all three bodies were found in various places in the house that killed the victim , in Ivory Complex K7 Tutuka Block No. 64 , Soreang , Bandung regency , West Java . Then , his body dumped in three different places .

Performers took the three victims who had executed it using Daihatsu Xenia car parked at the house .

" Xenia car was missing , allegedly taken away the perpetrators , " he said .

From the results of the crime scene at the house , said Martin , the police found bloodstains splattered everywhere .

" Blood was also found on the bed , " he said .
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In addition , police also found the victim's sandals and shoes lying . There is also a broken ashtray and ashtray full of cigarette butts . In addition , the usual cars parked Xenia also missing and allegedly taken by the perpetrator . For a while , the police have not been able to deduce the motive killing the brothers and assistants .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Want Cheap Microsoft Windows Phone

Jakarta - Microsoft did have an intimate relationship with Nokia , but the company Bill Gates founded the desire to bring Windows Phone more grounded to a wider market . Just like Android ?

As we know , Windows Phone has just released the latest update . With this update , Microsoft also wanted to bring affordable products in emerging markets .

Microsoft said , to fulfill his desire to dominate the market , they already took big names such as LG , Lenovo and Foxconn . Similarly, as quoted from Cnet , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .
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Windows Mobile Phone with an affordable price is continuously driven by Microsoft . Moreover, the fact that they are huge market growth in developing regions .

Based on reports Microsoft , Windows Phone growth in Africa and the Middle East reached 758 % , while 148 % of Latin America , and Asia Pacific grew 105 % .

Not only holding more famous brand , Microsoft was trying to open up more variants of Qualcomm processor , including cheap chipset that supports LTE and non - LTE .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mobile Phones Could Reveal Mystery Malaysia Airlines MH370

It's been one month since the loss of a Boeing 777 - 300ER belonging to Malaysian Airlines airline . Blackbox is expected to reveal the truth about the disappearance of the aircraft with flight number MH370 was also not found .

However , in addition to blackbox , smartphones passengers by digital forensics experts also can be used as a source to uncover the actual events in the fateful plane .

Computer forensics company based in Chicago , 4Discovery told CNN in an interview , that if the passenger smartphone is found , the draft SMS , video , and other electronic information in it can help uncover what happened on the flight .

" The data can be recovered , " said Chad Gough , Co - Founder of 4Discovery . " The key is to find the device and handle it appropriately , such as keeping the water and removes mineral deposits that stick to the chip , " said Gough .

Quoted dri Phone Arena , Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) , a process that can be done is to keep the device in as-is condition before the start of data extracted . " During the storage card remains intact , then the information is still stored there , " said Gough .

What data can be unveiled ? Draft SMS messages that have not been sent by Gough can still be traced . In addition , e - mail , video , or photo taken by a passenger at the time and stored in memory smartphone data can also be restored .

" The digital data is recovered from the mobile device plays an important role today as evidence in court , " said Co - Founder Jeffrey Hartman 4Discovery .

" Maybe it's a message that is deleted , or hackers who steal the intellectual property rights of mobile devices that are not safe , our customers often ask for help to track down the data that way . " Hartman light .

" We anticipate this trend and invest heavily to make and pay technology experts in order to do that , " he added .
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Video of the interview can be listened to via the link below.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

It said Anas Urbaningrum Problem Acquisition in the Democratic Party

In some institutions the results of the quick count , the Democrat Party's sharp decline when compared with the results Pileg 2009. According to former PD coriander , now a prisoner Commission , Anas Urbaningrum , cases of corruption voice falling into the causes of PD .

" There is definitely the factor ( PD cadre corruption that entangled - ed ) , but the government did not satisfy the public work is another factor , " said Anas in KPK , Jl HR Rasuna Said , South Jakarta , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .

According to Anas , voice PD This Election somewhat buoyed by convention program candidates . It is undeniable , convention PD candidates who carried it into a new political option in the era of democracy in Indonesia . (see also: Waptrick download MP3 Terbaru)

" The work is not just a pack of Yudhoyono as coriander , as president , head of state , head of government and party cadres , but also aided by teams convention . Convention if no teams will not penetrate 9-10 percent , " he explained .

Although the Commission is now languishing in detention , Anas can still exercise their voting rights . However , Anas reluctant to answer what party they choose, whether to remain loyal to the Democratic Party or had moved on to another party .

"If it Luber and Jurdil dong , 'said Anas .


Police investigating disappearance of 8 ballot box in Timika

Eight ballot boxes containing ballots document in two polling candidates , Kampung Jaya Timika - SP2 , Timika , Papua , is lost . The police will follow up on this case based Supervisory Committee report .

As quoted from antaranews , Thursday ( 10/4 ) , this event originated from Wednesday ( 9/4 ) , police officers with election logistics truck driver came to a number of polling stations . Police want to take back the ballot boxes containing the ballots had been marked to be returned to the House Eme Neme Yauware , Timika .

When police arrived at the polling station 01 Timika Jaya village , local KPPS officials reasoned that they had not finished counting and signing recapitulation of the vote .

Hearing that , the police with logistics transport vehicles to move to the next polling station to pick up the ballot box . When he returned to TPS 01 , officers no longer find KPPS officers . Likewise with four ballot boxes with ballot papers were also lost . Alleged to have been taken away to the forests behind neighborhoods .

Despite searching all night , but until Thursday morning , officials KPPS and ballot boxes were also found .

Mimika police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Rontini Jermias , said the disappearance of a number of ballot boxes at a polling station in the village two Timika Jaya has been reported to the Supervisory Committee Mimika since Wednesday ( 9/4 ) night .

Police will attempt to find a missing ballot box . While handling the case left entirely to the Supervisory Committee of Mimika .

" We are waiting for a report from the Supervisory Committee . If it was a crime of election , then we will soon follow , " said Rontini .

Mimika district police have not received any reports criminal cases recommended by the Election Supervisory Committee Mimika .

KPU commissioner Mimika , Hugo Krey said Agus , the disappearance of ballot boxes was investigated together with the Commission Mimika , Supervisory Committee and the local police .
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" Until this afternoon ( 9/4 ) , we have not found the missing eight ballot boxes at two polling stations . We still continue to coordinate with the Supervisory Committee and the police to follow up on this, " said Agus .